The Show
Two women, two “success” stories.

Porn sells better than princesses… is a lesson Gaelle learnt when she was a teenager. Her dad’s a pornographer. He’s great at selling porn but even better at spending money and accumulating debts. Her mum’s unhappy in her marriage and asks for a divorce. Gaelle decides that she’s going to do better than both her parents. Did she?
She’s going to answer that, armed with her quirky and self-deprecating sense of humour made in Belgium.   

It must be wonderful to be a crow… You start thinking stuff like this when you have heartache. But this year Jo’s conquered all that, right? We are told to be the best version of ourselves, but is there a Jo already holding that position in a parallel universe somewhere? 
A light-hearted look at metaphysical thinking to cope with reality as we know it.

Gaelle and Jo have thirty minutes each to tell their story.